FINAL AGENDA - 41th Annual Hindson Winter Conference, 2018
Hunt Lodge Holiday Inn

Thursday, January 11, 2018  Downloadable Files
4:00 pm Registration    
5:00 pm Introduction and Welcome Scott Smith , MD  
5:15 pm Contraceptive Update Scott Christensen, MD Outline
6:00 pm Update in Systems

Carolyn Clancy, MD

Friday, January 12, 2018
    Moderator: William Weppner, MD  
7:30 am ACP Clinical Vignettes 1. Irvin Huang, DO& Kyle Severinsen,MBBS
2. Tyler Birch, DO
8:00 am How I Think Through Hyponatremia Ernest Dytiapco, MD  
8:45 am Break    
9:00 am Workshop 1: (A-L)


  Workshop 2: (M-Z)    
  OPTIONAL – Maintenance of Certification Modules    
  10:00 am-12:15 pm   Update in Internal Medicine 2017-18 (C0T) William Weppner, MD  
  1:15 pm-3:00 pm      Update in Internal Medicine 2017-18 (83T) Melissa (Moe) Hagman, MD  
4:30 pm Workshop 1: (M-Z) Moderator: Andrea Christopher, MD
  Workshop 2: (A-L)    
5:30 pm Break    
6:00 pm The Immune System Strikes Back: Ending Cancer’s Jedi Mind Tricks Dan Zuckerman, MD  
6:45 pm Hypertension Diagnosis and Management: Selected Updates, 2018 Barry Stults, MD Handout
7:30 - 10 pm Wine and Cheese Social/ACP Poster Session St. Luke’s McCall  

Saturday, January 13, 2018
    Moderator: Melissa (Moe) Hagman, MD  
7:30 am ACP Clinical Vignettes 1. Elke Swakhammer, DO & Irvin Huang, DO
2. Bobby Endo, PharmD, MS3 &
Jennifer Miller, DO
8:00 am Update on Stroke Claire J. Creutzfeldt, MD
8:45 am Break    
9:00 am Update in Hospital Medicine Mike Krug, MD  
  OPTIONAL -    
  10:00 am       ACP Idaho Chapter Meeting Melissa (Moe) Hagman, MD  
  11:00 am       Women in Medicine, Idaho ACP Chapter Jodie Donovan, MD and
Danielle Orchard, MD
    Moderator: Neil Argyle, MD  
4:30 pm Hepatitis C Management for Primary Care Providers Lauren Beste, MD Handout
5:15 pm

Introduction to Obesity Medicine: Helping Patients Lose Weight and Providers Gain Professional Satisfaction                             

Tina Bronner, MD


6:00 pm Break    
6:15 pm Cardiac Catheterization in the Era of Appropriate Use Criteria Steven Fonken, MD  
7:15 - 9 pm Social Hour St. Alphonsus Medical Center
St. Luke’s Medical Center &
Kootenai Health

Sunday, January 14, 2018
    Moderator: Andrew Wilper, MD  
7:30 am Lifestyle is Medicine

Jennifer T. Shalz, MD

8:15 am Update in Infectious Diseases David Tompkins, MD
9:00 am Break    
9:15 am Update in Ambulatory Medicine

Neil Argyle, MD

10:00 am Closing Remarks Andrew Wilper, MD  


WORKSHOP 1: Getting Specific about Nonspecific Low Back Pain—An Interdisciplinary Approach for Primary Care Ann Hansen, MD; Kelley Groll, FNP; Laura Wetherbee, PhD Handout
WORKSHOP 2: Applying Principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia and Cross-tapering Strategies to Assist Patients in Tapering off Hypnotic Medications Andrea Winterswyk, PharmD; Kyle Davis, PhD